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Past Winners Archive: 2016

ENG 0900

First place: Cheryl Carlson, "Loneliness of Red Chief"
Second place: Linda Buland, "Teaching Shane to Ride a Bike"
Third place: Gerald Savage, "What Information can Storytelling Pass Down to Future Generations?"

ENG 1001

First place: Antonia Jenifer Kovacs, "Fantasies and Consequences"
Second place: Josh Mesick, "Conquering Tyria"
Third place: Payton Deady, "Comparative Analysis of 'Araby' and 'A&P'"

ENG 1002

First place: Gabriel Braboy, "Biographical Criticism of Ernest Hemingway"
Second place: Monica Joerger, "How Would One Respond?"
Third place: Timothy Perry, "Life, Death, and Life Again"