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Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline Information: The Richard Publow Memorial Awards in Writing offer awards for the best essays written during each school year.
    Therefore, three deadlines exist, one for each semester during which a student may submit an essay:
    Fall 2017: December 15, 2017
    The essay must be submitted for consideration for the Richard Publow Memorial Award in Writing by the relevant deadline above.

  • The essay must be written for one of the following IVCC courses: Basic Composition II (ENG 0900, including the lab courses 0910, 0911, and 0912), English Composition I (ENG 1001), and English Composition II (ENG 1002). The essay must be in response to an assignment given by the instructor of the course. Students may submit one essay per course for consideration for the awards.

  • The essay must be written and submitted to the course's instructor during one of the following semesters: Spring 2017, Summer 2017, or Fall 2017.

  • Students submitting an essay must notify their professor, who will need to submit the instructor verification form. You may use this form to let your instructor know you are submitting for the award--it gives instructions for how he or she can complete the verification.

  • Essays not meeting one or more of the submission guidelines or submitted past the appropriate deadline will not be considered for the award.

  • Students can use this checklist to verify they have met each of the submission guidelines.