Day of Writing
Writerís Application Form

Please photocopy this sheet as necessary to complete one for each student. Maximum: one (1) entry (two for poetry) up to ten (10) pages per student.

Studentís Name (Please print!)                                                        
School School Address
(Street, Town, and Zip Code, please!)
Type of entry: 
(Circle One)       Fiction       Non-fiction        Poetry

I, (name), do hereby attest that the attached work of creative writing is my original composition and has not been published in any other forum. I accept full responsibility should the work be demonstrated to be plagiarized in full or in part from another author. Further, I consent to having my work published on The Day of Writing WebPages and the Awards publication and to submit it to the IATE Best Writing contest. 
Signature of student:                                                             

Date                              Signature of teacher                                                         

Deadline: 23 January 2009

Format: All entries must be typed on 8Ĺ x 11 inch paper (one side only). Copies must be clear and carefully proofread.

Labeling: Your name, grade, and school should information should be filled in legibly on this application and stapled to your submission, but it should not appear anywhere else on your submission. Submissions of more than one page should have those pages numbered before they are stapled to the application form.

Fee: $15.00 per person to cover lunch and materials. Checks should be made out to IVCCís Day of Writing.

Mailing: Teacher should mail student lists, money, and submissions to:   Kimberly M. Radek,  Day of Writing, Illinois Valley Community College,  815 Orlando Smith Road, Oglesby, IL 61348.