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Questions asked during

the "Women's Studies and Ancient History" Lecture

What do the terms bias, anthropocentrism, ethnocentrism, egocentrism, and androcentrism mean?


Come up with an example of how hearing or studying only one side of an issue might produce a biased result.


How does masculine bias impair men's lives?


What does positionality mean? (Remember Ruth Useem's work on the M1, F1, M2, F2, M3, F3, etc.)


Come up with an example to show how it would be difficult for a person from one position to understand or know what life would be like for someone of a different position.


What academic disciplines' research, theories, or knowledge might provide insight into women's lives and experiences? 


What does recent anthropological research indicate about the relationship between men and women in the most ancient cultures?


What is sociality?


What are the basics of the urban revolution theory?