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The Handmaid's Tale:
 Discussion Questions

In what ways is Gileadean culture similar to ancient Hebrew culture?

In what ways is it similar to ancient Greece and Rome?


How is it similar to modern Christianity? Is it more similar to certain sects of Christianity than others?

How is it similar to modern Afghanistan?


You may need the wayback machine from http://www.archive.org/

          You may refer to the following websites for help:

The Taliban's Position 
on Key Issues
The Truth About the Taliban
(Chronology is useful)
Lauren Kuisle's "Afghanistan Under the Taliban" http://bvsd.k12.co.us/cent/Newspaper/oct-nov97/stories/lauren.html 
"The Taliban's War on 
Women in Afghanistan"
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan http://www.rawa.org/women.html
"Stop Gender Apartheid
in Afghanistan"
Dr. Matthew Fielden's Bibliography on the Taliban http://www.afghan-politics.org/Reference/Taliban/Books/taliban_books_on.htm
"Petition" on Afghanistan http://ronacin.acu.edu/iawm/archive/iawm.9901/0008.html
Lonely Planet's 
Afghanistan Warning
Steve Macko's "Could the Taliban Bring Stability to Afghanistan?" http://www.emergency.com/afgan-ta.htm


What aspects of Gileadean society make you most uncomfortable, and why?

Where do sexual double standards occurs?


What is the relationship between women? Men? Women and men? How many types of women and men are there? (Remember Ruth Useem's F1, F2, F3 observations.)

How does Atwood make this revolution seem plausible?


Could this revolution happen in our modern American society?