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Political Ideology Assessment for Gender 2000-01

Where Do You Stand on the Political Ideology Spectrum?

Directions: Please answer the first of the following questions before you go to the linked website.  Then take the link to the website, read the preliminary information on political ideology, and then take the "Take the Test" link to the survey.  Once you have received your results, take the link to the printable copy, and print out your results. 


Question One:  Based on class lecture, what do you think your political ideology is?  Are you more right than left or more left than right?  Why do you think you are positioned there?  Give an example of your position in regard to one of the issues covered in class, and compare your stance to that of the right and that of the left.

Take the link to The Political Compass.  After reading that page, take the link to the test and answer the questions as best as you can.  This will probably take between 15 and 20 minutes. Don't forget to print your results.

Question Two:  After taking the survey and analyzing your results, are you where you thought you'd be?  Why do you suppose you were placed the way you were by the computer program?  Did you like the test? Do you think the test was accurate?  Why or why not? Do you have any comments about the testing instrument?

Question Three:  Where do you suppose the rest of the class is on the political spectrum?  Please plot your result on the graph below, and then add any individual students from the class that you think you know well enough to place.  Where do you think your teachers are?  For the rest of the class, make a range on the graph to indicate where you think those remaining students are likely to fall.



  Graph taken from http://www/politicalcompass.org .