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Course Syllabus for English 0900



Basic Composition II

Kimberly M. Radek
English 0900-04 Office: A-314
          M W 10:00-10:50, D-318 Office Hours:
          F   10:00-10:50, E-216           T W Th 8:30 - 9:00
            T Th 10:45 -12:30 and 1:45 - 2:15 
            F 12:00 - 1:30
  (815) 224-0395
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Course Objectives

This course prepares you for English 1001 or English 1204 0r 1205. In it you will learn to write effective paragraphs and essays, while improving your basic writing skills.  This course earns three credit hours of IVCC college credit but does not earn transfer credit hours.


Fawcett, Susan.  Evergreen. Eighth edition. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2007. 
An Eduspace account


Additional Required Materials 

Notebook paper, a grammar and writing handbook, writing utensils, a thumb drive portable storage device, four differently colored highlighting markers, a manilla file folder, and an active e-mail address.

Grading Scale (%)

Note: In order to pass this class, students must earn 80% of all possible course points.  The grading scale, then, is as follows:

A: 100-94         B: 93-87         C: 86-80         F: Anything below 80


Desired Attitudes Toward the Course

Students will respect each other’s personal beliefs and be committed to helping each other learn more about the texts and themselves, as well as being committed to helping each other improve their written and oral communication skills. Not treating others–whether other students or the instructor–with respect will result in, first, a warning summons to the instructor’s office hours, and then, withdrawal from the course.  

Behaviors in the Course

When you are in this class, you should pay attention and take notes, as appropriate. Please avoid behaviors that might distract the instructor or the other students from the tasks at hand. If you carry a cell phone, please either set it to vibrate rather than ring, or make sure it is turned off while you are in class. When we are in the computer lab, please do not let the computers distract you and remain focused on the lesson or assignment,  refraining from checking your e-mail, playing games, and surfing the Internet, unless you have been granted permission to do so. Please read the entire syllabus, as it represents a contract between instructor and students, and sign and return the attached contract if and only if you understand and will be able to comply with the policies listed on this syllabus.

If you are a student with a documented cognitive, physical, or psychiatric disability, then you may be eligible for special services. Please contact Tina Hardy (815-224-0284) or Judy Mika (815-224-0350) for more information, or stop by the Disability Services Office, B-204.



Students are allowed three absences.  After three absences the final grade gets reduced one letter grade per absence.  The only absences I consider excused are IVCC-sponsored trips. If you will be attending one of these, your assignments and papers must be turned in to me in advance of the trip. You will not, however, be allowed to take any quiz or make up any other assignment you miss during one of these trips.  Please do not call or e-mail if you are missing a class. If you feel you have special circumstances, then please come explain them to me during my office hours.

Note: I consider that your status in this class is your responsibility. If you realize that you haven't the time necessary to devote to the course and you feel you cannot pass it, please ask me, before 1:15 PM November 4th, to withdraw you, keeping in mind that withdrawing from a class may impact your financial aid award, as well as your ability to enroll in English 1001, 1204, or 1205 in the future. If you are concerned, please speak to a financial aid representative or a counselor before requesting a withdrawal from the class.

Breakdown of Grades (not including reductions for poor attendance, etc.)

Six Paragraphs: 60%
  Paragraph #1:  Illustration Paragraph
Paragraph #2:  Narration Paragraph

Paragraph #3:  Description Paragraph

Paragraph #4:  Process Paragraph
Paragraph #5:  Compare and Contrast Paragraph
Paragraph #6:  Persuasion Paragraph
Three Essays: 30%
Class Participation: 10%

At the end of the semester all paragraphs and essays and their drafts must be turned into me in hard copy format in your file folder; failure to do so will lower your grade by five percentage points. You are allowed and encouraged to keep your papers, either on computer micro-disks or some other portable storage device.  Regardless of IVCC's educational support software  which can be accessed on the Internet, you are solely responsible for having and keeping copies of your work.  Assignments will be evaluated on audience, content, grammar, organization, presentation, spelling, and style, especially as defined in IVCC's Style Book. I will accept a late work only if you turn it in to me accompanied by a written note explaining why it is late and asking for an exception to the policy concerning these deadlines; turning in an assignment late without this note will result in an F on the exercise. E-mailing these requests with the paper as an attached file is acceptable; however, you should, in this case, turn in a hard copy, as well.

Class Participation includes every assignment that is not one of the papers listed  above.  This means homework, quizzes, in-class assignments, and unannounced writing assignments. Extra credit, should there be any, contributes to this category, as well. 


The College’s policy on plagiarism applies in this class; read it in your Style Book and note the penalties. I will question you if your work does not appear to be your own. Keep all notes, outlines, drafts, and finished assignments so that you can demonstrate that writing you have submitted is your own work, should any question of plagiarism arise.

Expected Student Outcomes

By the end of the course, students who have successfully completed should be able to write a well-developed paragraph and a well-developed essay, using proper grammar and punctuation, as well as having improved their reading and analysis skills.

General Education Credit

This class earns reinforces the general education curriculum at IVCC, and as such it will help you to attain the following of the eight goals, deemed central to IVCC's general education program:

Goal 1.  To apply analytical and problem solving skills to personal, social, and professional issues and situations. 

Goal 2.  To communicate orally and in writing, socially and interpersonally.

Goal 4.  To understand and use contemporary technology effectively and to understand its impact on the individual and society.

Goal 5.  To work and study effectively both individually and in collaboration with others.

Goal 6.  To understand what it means to act ethically and responsibly as an individual in one’s career and as a member of society.

Goal 7. To develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Goal 8.  To appreciate the ongoing value of learning, self-improvement, and career planning.

Tentative Class Schedule

Deadlines, Reading Assignments, etc.

Week One 

Introduction to Course
Explanation of Syllabus and Instructor Philosophy
Read Unit 1 in Evergreen
Diagnostic Essay

Week Two 

Self-enroll in ENG 0900 in Blackboard
Read Evergreen, Unit 2 and Unit 6 : 24-26
Introduction to MLA style

Week Three 

Read Evergreen, Unit 3 : 5 and Unit 6 : 27-29
Due: Paragraph #1

Week Four

Read Evergreen, Unit 3 : 6 and Unit 6 : 30-32
Due: Paragraph #2

Week Five

Read Evergreen, Unit 3 : 7 and Unit 6 : 33-35
Due: Paragraph #3

Week Six

Read Evergreen, Unit 3 : 8 and Unit 6 : 36-37
Due: Paragraph #4

Week Seven 

Read Evergreen, Unit 3 : 10 and Unit 7 : 38 & 39
Due: Paragraph #5

Week Eight

Read Evergreen, Unit 3 : 13 and Unit 5 : 20-23
Due: Paragraph #6

Weeks Nine-Ten

Read Evergreen, Unit 4 : 14-16
Read Evergreen, Unit 4 : 17-19

Week Eleven

Due: Essay #1

Weeks Twelve-Thirteen

Due: Essay #2

Weeks Fourteen-Fifteen

Due: Essay 3

Week Sixteen

Final Exam
Friday, December 12th

Note: Bring manilla, expandable, file folder for standard--not legal-sized--
file drawers to the final exam. Inside should be any rough
or graded drafts of your papers that you still have.


Note: Request for exceptions to any of these policies must be submitted to me in writing as close as is possible to the event that has precipitated the request. Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Submitting a request is no guarantee that an exception will be made. All written requests must be made to me at my e-mail address, as listed at the top of this document. No others will be considered.

The image of the pen, ink, and book comes from http://www.historia.org.pl/image/strony/literature.jpg

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