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Illinois Valley Community College
is proud to be the home of
Mu Alpha chapter
of Sigma Kappa Delta


The Mu Alpha chapter was established at Illinois Valley Community College in 1997.

Membership Requirements             Printable Application

Membership in the Mu Alpha chapter is available to students who are currently enrolled at Illinois Valley Community College and who have 1) completed a minimum of one college level English Composition or Literature class with a "B" average or better,  2) completed at least twelve credit hours, and 3) achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher in general scholarship. Additionally, new members must pay a one-time membership fee, currently $50.00, $30.00 of which covers national membership.

Chapter Sponsors

Kimberly M. Radek
Delores Robinson

Past Activities

  A Bard-Day Party to Celebrate Shakespeare's Life and Work
  Day of Writing
  Women's History Month
  Spooky Story/Scary Cinema Night in October 
  Shakespeare Repertory Theatre Field Trip
  Chapter Elections 
  Initiation Ceremony
  Member Picnic
  EAGLits Book Club
  Book Drives for Readers in Need


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This page was last updated on 11 May 2017.

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