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English Composition 1

Exercise: Correcting Errors

This exercise should help you understand how to correct some of the errors that have come up in your essays. The course Web pages linked below should be helpful:


  1. From any of your graded essays, choose a sentence that includes one of the following errors:
  1. In your word processor, copy the sentence, including the error.

  2. After the sentence, write down the name of the error in the sentence. Use the names as given above.

  3. Under the sentence with the error, rewrite the sentence to correct the error.

  4. Repeat this process until you have copied eight sentences with errors and have rewritten each of the sentences to correct the errors. Please number the sentences.

You can use errors from all of your graded essays for this exercise, including the Diagnostic Essay. Please let me know if there are not enough errors in your graded essays for you to complete this exercise.

You should follow the format below: 

1. Original sentence with an error.
(Name of the error, such as sentence fragment) 
Revised sentence with the error corrected.

Important: Do not write a new sentence in an attempt to disguise a lack of understanding of how to correct an error. Instead, make the fewest changes possible to correct each sentence.

The same error can be used more than once in this exercise. For example, four of your sentences for this exercise could have the error of a comma splice. However, choose only the types of errors listed above. 

You will earn 20 percentage points for each correct sentence. Any points you earn over 100 percent will be recorded as extra credit.

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