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English Composition 1

Online Research Resources

This page provides links to some of the many good research resources available on the Internet.

You can eliminate those annoying "popups" on Web pages by downloading the Google Toolbar and by activating the popup blocker on the toolbar.

1. Writing Essays with Sources

The pages linked below offer information on writing persuasive essays with sources. (Some of the pages focus on writing long research papers, so they may provide more information than you need to know to write a short essay using sources.)

2. Assessing the Credibility of Web Sites

Before you begin searching the web for sources, you should understand how to evaluate the credibility of web sites. The web site linked below offer useful information.

3. Online Resources Organized According to Topic

Librarians have done some of the research work for you on the pages linked below. The pages provide lists of controversial topics and links to online resources for each topic.

4. Online Libraries and Databases

IVCC's Jacobs Library provides students access to several online subscription databases. The databases provide access to excellent articles from magazine and journal that are not available on the general Web.

The databases require a login and password, which is your 14-digit student ID number and your last name. An Abode Acrobat Reader is needed to view some documents in these databases.

5. Online Newspapers

Some online newspapers require free registration for access to articles. In some cases, online newspapers allow free access to articles for a limited time (such as up to two weeks after the publication date). After this time, some online newspapers charge a fee to access the articles. If you find an article that might be useful, it would be a good idea to print that article.

6. News Organizations

7. Government Agencies

8. Miscellaneous Online Resources

9. Internet Search Engines

Using a variety of search engines can help you locate information more effectively than using only one search engine.

Dogpile is an effective meta-search engine (a site that search multiple search engines).

Embedded below is the search engine Google, which is one of the best search engines currently available. If you use Google from this page, just click your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. To narrow your Google search, put quotation marks around search phrases.

For helpful information on how to use search engines effectively, see How to Search the Web: A Guide to Search Tools.



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