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English Composition 1

The Writing Process: Prewriting | Drafting | Revising | Proofreading | The Final Draft

The Writing Process: Proofreading

It has been a long journey. John was given the assignment to write an essay of at least 800 words in which he analyzes and interprets Dorothea Lange's photograph Migrant Mother. John began with some prewriting activities, after which he began the drafting stage of the writing process. He then proceeded to what he discovered was the most time-consuming stage, revising. And now John has arrived at the the final stage. It is time for John to proofread his paper and to make final corrections.

Tips for Proofreading

The Proofreading of John's Essay

John proofread his essay carefully, rereading it several times, and he found about 15 errors that he was able to correct.

The errors that John identified and corrected include the following:

John has proofread his paper carefully and repeatedly, and he is confident that, at most, there might be only a few errors remaining in his essay.

John has done it. He has finished writing his essay and is ready to turn in his final draft.

Let's give John a round of applause and take a look at his final draft.

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