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English Composition 1

Saving Files in Rich Text Format

Rich Text Format (RTF) is a word-processing format that can be read by many different word processors, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, and Corel WordPerfect. Saving files in Rich Text Format will help ensure that your documents can be opened on a computer regardless of the type of word processor being used.

Below are two "Save as" boxes, the first from Microsoft Word 2010 and the second from Microsoft Works 8.5, illustrating how to save a file in Rich Text Format (or RTF).

The word-processing software that you use may display the information a little differently than illustrated below, but the principle is the same. When you save your word-processing files for the course, just choose "Save As" (most likely from a "File" menu), look for where you can indicate the type of file, and choose "Rich Text Format" or "RTF."

Saving a Document in Rich Text Format in Microsoft Word

"Save as" window in Word 2012

Saving a Document in Rich Text Format in Microsoft Works

"Save as" window in Works 8.5

Open Office and Rich Text Format

For some reason, the word processor in Open Office has problems saving files in Rich Text Format. For example, an Open Office document in Rich Text Format may appear double spaced, but when the file is opened in a different type of word processor, parts of the document might be single spaced.

To avoid these problems, you might avoid using Open Office for the course. Other free word processors, such as AbiWord, seem to work better for saving files in Rich Text Format. 

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