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English Composition 1

Tech Tips

This page presents a brief overview of information about accessing and using IVCC computer resources and about the technology that we use for our ENG 1001 class.

If You Need Help with the Technology

IVCC has a Student Help Desk to help students with questions related to the use of technology for classes. If you are on campus, just stop by the Help Desk in the college's Learning Commons (D-201). You also can get assistance with technology issues by calling the Student Help Desk at 815-224-0318 or by e-mailing the Help Desk through the Help Desk E-Mail Page.

Your K-Number and Student ID

To use IVCC computers, the two most important numbers to know are your K-Number and your Student ID Number. You can find both of these numbers on your student ID card. For more information about these numbers, see "K-Number Log in Help -- Do You Know Your K?"

Your Login and Password

Your login and password for the college computer system, Blackboard, and your student e-mail account are all the same:

Login: Your K-Number (with the "K" capitalized)
Password: Your Seven-Digit Student ID Number

Your full Student ID Number actually begins with 24611 and ends with 01, but the seven-digit number that is your password are the numbers in between the 24611 and the 01.

After your initial login to the college computer system and your student e-mail account, you will be prompted to change your password. Make sure to remember the new password that you choose.

Your College E-Mail Account

If you are a student at IVCC, you have a student e-mail account. The college home page has a link to the student e-mail login page, and as explained above, your login and password for your e-mail account are your K-Number and your seven-digit student ID number. 

Please get in the habit of checking your student e-mail account. All official electronic correspondences from IVCC will be sent only to your student e-mail account, and you should also use your college e-mail account for e-mail correspondences with your instructors.

For more information about using IVCC's student e-mail, see the Student Email Quick Start Guide (pdf file).  

Printing in the Computer Classroom

Please note that printing in our classroom must be limited to documents printed for our class. If you need to print a document for another class, please use the printers in the Learning Commons.

Word Processing Software for the Class

We will use Microsoft Word extensively in our class. You do not need to have Word on your laptop or home computer, but if you find that you would like to purchase Word, please note that you can receive a substantial discount through "academic pricing" since you are a college student.

IVCC's bookstore has Microsoft Office (with Word) available to students at academic pricing. You can also find online retailers that sell software at academic pricing by searching the Web with the search words "academic pricing" and "software." 

There are also free word-processing programs that you could use for the class, including Open Office and AbiWord. As we will discuss in class, it is a good idea to save word-processed files in Rich Text Format, and Open Office sometimes does not get along well with Rich Text Format, so AbiWord might be the better choice. Just search the Web for other free word-processing software to see what other programs are available.