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Preventing Plagiarism from the Web
Presentation by Randy Rambo, Illinois Valley Community College
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Students who plagiarize "'are not at college to learn, or to earn a degree, but to pretend to learn and to steal a degree'" (Guiliano, 2000).


    The essays linked below were plagiarized from online sources and then submitted in English composition courses. Can you find the sources of these plagiarized essays?

For best results, 

  • find in the essay a phrase of at least three words that is unlikely to appear in many sources
  • highlight and copy the phrase
  • go to the search engine Google (or try your favorite search engine)
  • paste the phrase into the search box
  • put quotation marks around the phrase
  • if necessary, outside of quotation marks, type one or more additional words from the essay to limit your search
  • click "Google Search"

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