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Preventing Plagiarism from the Web
Presentation by Randy Rambo, Illinois Valley Community College
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"'I know I'm capable of doing the work. I just didn't have the time. I didn't hurt anyone, and I really need an A to keep up my GPA . . .'" (Abramovitz, 2000).
Why Do High School Students Cheat (McCade, 2001)? 
  • They don't study or prepare = 32%
  • They need to pass or get good grades = 29%
  • They feel pressure to succeed = 12%
  • They don't know answers or understand material = 9%
  • They do not have enough time to prepare = 5%

Surveys and studies indicate that

  • 50 percent of students who reported that they had cheated "did not believe cheating was necessarily wrong" (Kleiner and Lord, 1999). 
  • 84 percent of college students think that "they need to cheat to get ahead in the world today" (Kleiner and Lord, 1999).
  • 90 percent of college students believe that cheaters "never pay the price" (Kleiner and Lord, 1999). 
  • 95 percent of high school students who admit to cheating said that "they have never been caught" (Kleiner and Lord, 1999).
  • Almost 50% of high school students think that "teachers sometimes ignore cheating" (McCade, 2001).

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