River Currents

Literary and Visual Art Publication
of Illinois Valley Community College

River Currents

River Currents is the student organization that publishes Illinois Valley Community College's annual literary and visual arts publication. Each year student editors solicit and edit writing and artwork from IVCC's student body, jury and edit the submissions, and compile a printed literary magazine for distribution.

The book is published in the spring of each academic year and distributed for free to the student body and surrounding community. IVCC's Jacobs Library also archives an annual copy of the book.

River Currents is a wonderful record of IVCC's talented student body, the courageous efforts of those continually committed to bringing fine art to the campus and surrounding communities, and provides a unique experience to student editors for their future professional pursuits.

Upcoming Events

Informational and Staff Opportunity Meeting

When: Wed. Sept. 7 at 11:00 AM

meeting space outside of room A-329, main campus

What: The first meeting of the semester is designed to inform interested students of the staff and involvement opportunities River Currents has available this academic year. Editorial and genre staff members have the opportunity to coordinate submission calls, facilitate staff meetings, recruit staff and submissions, develop writing/literature/art related campus events, read and judge submissions for publication, edit selected student work, and participate in a session of this year's Day of Arts (planned for Sat. Oct. 15).

Who: any interested IVCC student

Info Meeting Tuesday, September 7 at 11:00 AM in room a-329


IVCC Spirit Day

When: Wed. Sept. 14 9:00-1:30 PM

Where: main campus courtyard

What: A gatherings of IVCC's student organizations, student resources, and campus activities. The day includes food, give-aways, prizes, games, and music.

Come visit the River Currents table for updates about staff openings, upcoming meetings, submissions information and deadlines, and opportunity to hang out with some of IVCC's hard working create geniuses!

Who: any interested IVCC students


Staff Application Deadline: Mon. Sept. 19, 2016

If interested in joining the River Currents 2016-2017 staff, please see the staff descriptions and return this form to Tracy Lee in room a-329.


2016-2017 Issue Submission Deadline 

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Past River Currents Events

2016 Issue Launch Party

2016 IVCC Creates Contest