River Currents

Literary and Visual Arts Publication
of Illinois Valley Community College

River Currents

River Currents is a student organization that publishes Illinois Valley Community College's annual literary and visual arts publication. Each year student editors solicit and edit writing and artwork from IVCC's student body, jury and edit the submissions, and compile a printed literary magazine for distribution.

The book is published in the spring of each academic year and distrubued for free to the student body and surrounding community. IVCC's Jacobs Library also archives an annual copy of the book.

River Currents is a wonderful record of IVCC's talented student body, the courageous efforts of those continually committed to bringing fine art to the campus and surrounding communities, and provides unique experience to student editors for their future professional pursuits.  

Upcoming Events

Poetry and Prose Reading

oct 17 day of the arts poetry and prose reading

What: Part of IVCC's Day of the Arts!  open-mic time for IVCC student and community writers. Bring your original writing to read for a candid and accepting audience. Time slots starting at five minutes each. Refreshments provided.

2:00-3:15 PM Saturday, October 17, 2015
Where: IVCC main campus, room C-316

Submission Deadline

Submission Deadline November 24

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