Rick Serafini, CPA, CMA

Accounting Instructor


E-mail: rick_serafini@ivcc.edu
Office:  A327

Office Phone:  815-224-0392
Office Hours:  Fall 2018

M 10:00-11:00, 5:30-6:00
T 11:30-12:30
W 10:00-11:00
TH 11:30-12:30
F 10:00-11:00

Also by appointment



Courses Taught

Please note that changes to the course syllabus posted below can take place and you should always check to be sure you have the latest revision.

ACT 1010   Financial Accounting              SYLLABUS - SEC 01 SEC 02 (FALL 2018)
ACT 1020   Managerial Accounting           SYLLABUS - SEC 01 (FALL 2018)
ACT 1210   Fundamentals of Accounting   
ACT 1240   Payroll Accounting                 
ACT 1280   QuickBooks Accounting         
ACT 2020   Cost Accounting                   
ACT 2200   Tax Accounting                    
ACT 2221   Intermediate Accounting I
ACT 2222   Intermediate Accounting II
ACT 2230   Certified Bookkeeper Review 
BUS 2260   Integrated Business Op        
FIN 1200    Principles of Finance             SYLLABUS - SEC 300 (FALL 2018)

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American Institute of CPA's

Illinois CPA Society

IMA - Institute of Management Accountants

Internal Revenue Service

Illinois Department of Revenue

FASB: Financial Accounting Standards Board

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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