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                                                                                                               Welcome to the Webpage of...

                                                                                                 Julie Sherbeyn

                                                                                                       Professor of Health and Wellness


      Click to learn about the                                        Illinois Valley Community College       
                  March of Dimes!                                                         Division of Natural Sciences & Business
   and the fight against prematurity!                                                  815 North Orlando Smith Avenue  

 "Someday, all babies will be born healthy."                                              Oglesby, IL  61348




       HPE 1003-100 Online Syllabus  & Timeline        


                                    Links of Interest:                                                                                                 

                                               March of Dimes

                                           American Red Cross                                                               

                              American College of Sports Medicine                               

American Alliance for Health Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

                  National Strength and Conditioning Association   

                          Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research

                                   American Heart Association

                                   National Wellness Institute

                                 National Public Radio (NPR)


Last updated:    06/10/2014