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Michelle Story

Office: D-205
Learning Commons: D-201
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Hello and welcome to IVCC!

If you have not taken a computer class before, or if you are not sure about your computer skills, contact the Assessment Center and ask to schedule an appointment for the Basic Computer Skills Inventory (BCSI) which will identify your strengths and weaknesses in computer concepts, file management, Internet, email, Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010. Students scoring below 75% will be strongly encouraged to enroll in CSP1206, Computer Skills for College Success.

The BCSI also includes a 3-minute timed typing exercise. If you scored lower than 20 wpm you may want to consider enrolling in CSP-1230, Computer Keyboarding Applications, prior to enrolling in the Computer Skills for College Success which allows you to develop touch typing keyboarding skills that are essential to student success.