Course: Math 1003 College Algebra

Text: College Algebra 5th edition, Robert Blizter

Description: This course is primarily for students who need to continue on in mathematics. Topics of study will include such topics as fundamental algebraic operations, radicals, inequalities, linear equations, quadratic equations, functions, inverse functions, systems of equations, higher degree polynomials, absolute values, logarithms, exponential functions, matrices, sequences, and the binomial theorem.

Prerequisite: Three years of high school mathematics (at the algebra and geometry level or beyond) with grades of B or better or the equivalent (Mth 0906 and 0907) and appropriate score on the math placement test.

: Thomas Tunnell
Office: E302
Phone: 224-0257
Office Hours:  TBA


You may make up a test if:
1) you know you will be absent on the day of a scheduled test and you arrange a time prior to the test to take it early.

2)Otherwise you may use your score on the final to replace the first missed exam. A second missed exam without a physician's  written excuse will result in zero for that exam.  Any other missed assignments  cannot be made up for any reason


(Note the following grading and testing information is subject to change by the instructor)

Grading   Testing
100-90% A 6 exams 50- 100 pts each
89-80% B Periodic quizzes 5- 25 pts each
79-70% C Final exam 100 pts (Comprehensive)
69-60% D Mymathlab homework 100pts
0-59% F  

Expected Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of algebra.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of functions.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of polynomial functions.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of other functions.
6. Demonstrate knowledge of systems of equations and inequalities.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of sequences, series, and the binomial theorem. 


Grade components:

MYMATHLAB details:


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Effective Summer 2011, students will have the ability to initiate a withdrawal from classes. By completing the form in the Records Office or through the form located within WebAdvisor, the student is authorizing IVCC to remove him/her from the course. Entering the student ID number serves as the studentís electronic signature. IVCC has the right to rescind a withdrawal in cases of academic dishonesty or at the instructorís discretion.

Students should be aware of the impact of a withdrawal on full-time status for insurance purposes and for financial aid. It is highly recommended that students meet with their instructor or with a counselor before withdrawing from a class to discuss if a withdrawal is the best course of action for that particular student.

 More detailed information is available at and selecting the menu item for Withdrawals on the left side of the page.

Calculator: You will need at least a scientific calculator. You may use a graphing calculator if you want, but you must show all or your work. You may not store any information in the graphing calculator (see cheating below). A random check may occur during exams to check calculator memory. Please remove calculator covers before each exam.

School Closings and Class Cancellations:  In the event of inclement weather, please tune to a local radio station for possible school closings.  If an exam is scheduled for a day that the school is closed or class is cancelled, it will be conducted during the next scheduled class period.  Check IVCC's Class Cancellations ( and class announcements at CourseCompass/MyMathLab (

Cheating: If you are caught cheating before the withdrawal date, you will be withdrawn from the course with a W. If you are caught cheating after the withdrawal date, you will receive an F for the final class grade.

Attendance: You are expected to attend all classes regularly. If absence is unavoidable, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.

Policy: All IVCC student policies apply to this class.



Special Needs: If you are a student with a cognitive, physical or psychiatric disability you may be eligible for academic support services such as extended test time, texts on tape, note taking services etc..  If you are interested in receiving academic support services, please contact the Special Populations Office at 224-0284, office B-204.

Class Schedule: The following is a tentative class schedule. Every attempt will be made to keep on this schedule. However, unforeseen problems may arise requiring some adjustments.

Date Sec   Date Sec   Date Sec
  27 3.1-3.2 16 5.2
    28 3.2 17 5.3
14 Intro Mar 1 xxx 18 5.3
15 Ch P 4 3.3 19 xxx
16 1.1 5 rev 22 Rev
17 1.2 6 TEST 3 23 TEST5
18 xxx 7 3.4 24 8.1
21 Martin Luther King Day, College closed 8 Development day, no classes 25 8.2
22 1.3 11 Spring 26 xxx
23 1.4 12 Break 29 8.3
24 1.5 13 No 30 8.5
25 xxx 14 Class May 1 8.6
28 1.5 15 This Week 2 8.6
29 1.6 18 3.5 3 xxx
30 1.6 19 3.5 6 Rev
31 Rev 20 3.6 7 TEST 6
Feb 1 xxx 21 4.1 8 Rev
4 TEST 1 22 xxx 9 Rev
5 1.7 25 catch up day 10 FINAL
6 2.1 26 4.1    
7 2.2 27 4.2    
8 xxx 28 4.2    
11 2.3 29 xxx    
12 2.4 Apr 1 Rev    
13 2.5 2 TEST 4
14 2.5 3 4.3
15 xxx 4 4.3
18 Presidents Day, college closed 5 xxx
19 TEST 2 8 4.4
20 2.6 9 4.4
21 2.7 10 catch up day
22 xxx 11 5.1
25 2.8 12 xxx
26 3.1 15 5.2


Possible Extra Credit
During class there will be some opportunities for students to receive extra credit for going to the board.  After the class is given a problem to work in class during a typical lecture, I will ask if anyone wants to go to the board and show what they did on the problem.  If you just show the problem, you will get 2 points extra credit.  If you explain what you did, you will get 5 points extra credit.  This will be discussed in more detail the first day of class.