Getting Started

Important Note, this course does not use Blackboard and will not be found there. It uses mystatlab as an alternative.  See details below in 4.

Determine your readiness for the course.

  1. Register for the course through IVCC (

  2. Complete the IVCC Online Orientation Session prior to starting the course (

  3. Obtain the materials from IVCC bookstore. This will include a Student Access Kit used for registering for MyStatLab (see next step).

  4. Register for MyStatLab through CourseCompass on  8/17/15(  During the registration process, you will set up a login and password that you will use to log in to CourseCompass and MyMathLab.  You will need the Course ID: tunnell38727 and a student access code that came with your student access kit purchased at the bookstore.

  5. Course Contract (Course Syllabus)

  6. Begin work on the course

  1. Log in to CourseCompass using the login and password setup during the CourseCompass registration process ( and select the course. Inside the course on the left-hand toolbar at the bottom there is an icon called installation wizard.  The installation wizard  will detect and install the plug-ins and players you need to view and interact with your course.  You can also use some of the computers in the IVCC Learning Commons that have the mystatlab software already installed.

  2. From within the course, select the Course Road Map link in the upper left hand corner from the course menu on the left. You are ready to get started.  Remember, if you get stuck, send me an email at or call me at 8152240257.