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Mary Turchi

Phone: 815-223-8697 (home) or         
815-224-0233 (EME div. office)
815-224-0409 (CTP div. office)
Email: Mary_Turchi@ivcc.edu

  Snail Mail: 
Illinois Valley Community College
         815 Orlando Smith  Ave.
         Oglesby, IL 61348-9692

Spring 2017 Courses:

Note: For all online courses, please read the directions below prior to starting class. 


Strategies for College
SFC 1000 Section 100

Microsoft Office 1
CSP 1203 Section 100
Office Management
CSM 2240 Section 100

Attention Online Students:

Blackboard Login    (For  CSM 2240, CSP 1203, and SFC 1000.) 

Office 365 for student email and access to the Office 365 programs

Your K-Number will be needed in order to log in to Blackboard. Students can find their K-Number on their student IDs, or by going to WebAdvisor and clicking on "What’s My User ID." The 7-digit student number will continue to be the default password (except for WebAdvisor).

All correspondence for class will be conducted through your IVCC student email accounts only. It is necessary to check that account weekly.

It is mandatory to have computer access in order to complete these courses. If you do not have your own working computer, then you need to use your local public library or the Learning Commons (D201) on campus so that you do not fall behind.

It is highly recommended that the student has taken keyboarding prior to starting these courses. CSP 1230 Basic Keyboarding should be taken if you do not know how to type.

Attention First-Time Online Students:
If you have never taken an online before, you must complete an orientation session to get acquainted with the formats. For more information about the orientation sessions, please go to the Orientation site.

For All Students:

If you have changed your name, address, phone number, or personal email address, please log in to Web Advisor or contact the Records Office to update your information.