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Professors do not hold regular office hours during exam week. If you'd like to stop by, please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

Writing Center Hours

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Honors Program

The IVCC Honors Program promotes the identification and achievement of education and/or career goals for its participants by offering specially designed honors curriculum, by providing stimulating academic and social program events, and by facilitating and recognizing student pursuits in community involvement, campus leadership, and experiential learning.

Program Benefits
Tuition waivers, career guidance, resume boosters, enriched course work, field trips, community involvement, campus leadership, experiential learning, recognition at graduation and on transcripts, collegiality with Honors students, personal exploration, transfer opportunities, and more!

Please visit our redesigned site to find out more. We accept new applicants each semester.

Writing Center

What We Offer:
-Free and unlimited assistance to all students
-One-on-one interaction with an instructor or peer tutor
-Assistance at all stages of the writing process
-Many handouts, including documentation style manuals

Where and When To Find Us
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We're located in the Learning Commons (D 201).
Call the Learning Commons at 224-0318 or visit our website for an appointment.
Walk-ins are also welcome–no appointment necessary!

Spring 2015 Courses

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Fiction: LIT 2013-01

In short, study some of the best stories in history. Choose your own texts to share with others. Experience the brilliance and necessity of storytelling. View flyers here and here. Catalog description:


Designed to acquaint the student with a selection of masterpieces of fiction. The emphasis will be on the pleasures and subtlety of the details and narrativeDesigned to acquaint the student with a selection of masterpieces of fiction. The emphasis will be on the pleasures and subtlety of the details and narrative artistry contained in novels and short stories. The course is less a historical survey than an intense appreciation of individual works of art.

Children's Literature: LIT 2005-300

In short, uncover the depth and complexity of seemingly simple stories, and discover the mysteries of childhood. Study some of the most well-beloved tales and stories from an angle you never considered. We will read fairy tales, picture books, novels for young adults, and many other texts—all to understand what children read, how they read, and why they read. Students will be able to tailor the course to their own interests and goals. This class is an excellent choice for anyone interested in literature, education, children, or just exciting, scary, funny, and fascinating books for young people. View flyers here and here. Catalog description:


A study of the major genres, themes and critical concerns of literature written for children and young adults. Special attention to the historical, social, and cultural contexts that have influenced literature for young people.




English Composition II: ENG 1002-11

In short, hone your academic writing and research skills through the study of short stories, poetry, and film. Catalog description:

English Composition II continues the study and application of rhetorical principles of expository writing in developing effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays with particular emphasis on analyzing and writing expository prose. Students’ essays will be based upon their readings of literature and other texts. The library research writing will
be developed from those readings. The course includes the use of various computer applications, including word processing and the Internet.

Honors Project: HON 1003-150

Honors Project is a course specifically designed for students in the  Honors Program. During the courze, students engage in action and reflection related to the three pillars of the Honors Program: campus leadership, experiential learning, and community involvement.

Honors Portfolio: HON 1002-150

Honors Portfolio is the final course for students enrolled in the Honors Program, which allows them to reflect on their experiences and connect them to their career and educational goals.

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