Nora Villarreal

Instructor of English
Writing Center Director

All Online Students

First, please familiarize yourself with IVCC's "Getting Started with Online Learning" page. You may also find the "Distance Learning Handbook" to be a useful resource.

 Please log into Blackboard on the first day of your online course and read the announcement, which will contain instructions for commencing our work together. To log into Blackboard, your username is your K-number listed on the bottom of your ID card.  (You can also find this by going to the WebAdvisor Login page and clicking on “What's My User ID.”)  Your initial password is your seven digit student number. (Your student ID number appears on your class schedule and on your college ID card, and is made up of seven numbers. If you see a 14-digit number that begins with 24611 and ends in 01, then the seven numbers between 24611 and 01 make up your student ID number. Call the Student Help Desk at 815-224-0318 for help logging in, if needed.) To enter our course Blackboard, simply log in to Blackboard at or from the link on IVCC’s home page. Then, under "My Courses" on the right side of the screen, click on the name of our class. That's it! After you complete the steps above, you will be able to join our class in Blackboard.

Be sure to read the announcements and syllabus, which contain important information on the course, assignments, etc. You have a few required textbooks for the course, which can be purchased at the IVCC bookstore. Please note: you will be asked to start completing readings right away, so do not wait to get a copy of the textbooks (and, in case you were wondering, it will be impossible to pass the course without them). Other required materials for the class are available for free online, so there is nothing else you will need to buy.

No campus visits are required for this course. I will have office hours each week, and will be pleased to meet you in person on campus, if you so desire. I can be reached using my contact information , but please note that the best way to reach me is via email. Please also notice the spelling of my last name; people frequently misspell it, often missing the ‘double r’ in the middle. If my name is misspelled, I won’t receive your email. (If you send a message and don’t hear back within a day or so, chances are good that I didn’t receive it.)

Whether you’re new to online learning or an experienced online learner, I hope you’ll find the course easy to navigate. We will use the Blackboard Learning Management System for most coursework. As with any class, obstacles or issues may emerge as we work together, so please always feel free to get in touch with me about any questions or concerns. Although you may not have the chance to meet me in person, be assured that I am approachable, friendly, and happy to answer any queries you might send. There is no such thing as a bothersome or silly question, so don’t hesitate to ask! Taking this initiative is especially important in an online course, so I urge you to stay in touch with me (and your classmates).
Welcome to class!

English Composition I online (ENG 1001-101)

Syllabus and Course Calendar

English Composition II
(ENG 1002-300)

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Children's Literature
(LIT 2005-01)

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Wise Words

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
~William Butler Yeats