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Voter Registration for U.S. Citizens in the United States

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Organization's Mission Statement

Our mission of the Illinois Valley Community College Young Republican Club is predicated upon two values: community service and continuing education.  To this end, the purpose of our Club is to  provide a social, intellectual and volunteer service outlet for students interested in developing political skills and leadership abilities coupled with an understanding of the the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party in order to secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates in all partisan elections.

Elected Officers

Our organization adheres to the Republican philosophy that is grounded by a solid foundation of principled leadership and conservatism.   The Illinois Valley Community College Young Republican Club is a democratically run student organization and seeks to promote better informed, engaged and active citizens.  The Club's activities and events are organized by the Club's membership and directed and served by the officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) elected at a regular meeting held between March 1 and April 30th.  Nominations of candidates for Club officer positions are made from the floor by any Club member in good standing.

Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor or  Sponsor is present at all official Club activities and serves as the college representative at these functions.  The Advisor/Sponsor is responsible for the conduct and continuity of Club meetings.  All official Club activities are conditional to the advisor, or designated faculty representative, being present at those functions.

Scheduled Events

From time to time the Club will host events and activities to provide information on the Republican Party platform and sponsor and promote events such as debates, forums and community service outreach.  These events are intended to promote discussion on crucial issues pertaining to local, state and national concerns and educate our membership and others. 



Special Events